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Building Defect Inspection

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Pest Inspection

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Strata Report

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Delapidation Report

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Be careful. Not All Inspectors Are qualified


Always ask what qualification the inspector you’re engaging has.

Inspector no longer need to be licensed or qualified in NSW.

What does this mean for You?  Just That. Any one can do it …. Really?

Please read the email below.

Hi Roger, 

Hope you are well.

Had a phone call from Resxxrt wanting us to use them for inspections.

I asked him 5 times what he trained as before doing inspections before a straight answer was given.

He kept saying  Certified Building Inspector to Australian Standards.

He did finally tell me he was in marketing BUT but he has developed a property so knows building sites and stuff.

If I remember correct, these are the people you were telling me do the vendor reports no?

Thought you might find it interesting.

 Kind Regards,


(name withheld)  Conveyancing

Licensed Property Conveyancers


Building Inspections Sydney

Sydney Property Market is BOOMING. Don’t make a hasty decision and attend an property Auction with out being  informed about the property you are bidding on. Despite what the real estate agents tell you, DON’T RISK IT. Its a small price to pay to know when to stay, when to walk away and when to run.

Purchasing a property can be very rewarding, however there are many factors that have to be taken into consideration. A visual pest & building inspection should be part of the process.  Contact us for a Pest & Building Inspection Sydney.

We will visually inspect all areas of the yard and the home for termites and building defects as per Australian Standards 4349.1-2007  and 4349.3-2010 and provide you with a comprehensive and detailed pest and building report on our findings.

ABC Building Inspections have conducted thousands of Building Inspections and have a reputation second to non, Just look at our Google reviews

Our reports  are written in plain English. Whilst fancy talk is impressive, we prefer the use of every day English in our reports. Call on 1300 955 011 to find out more

That is why we say Our  reports as easy as ABC

Whether you’re shopping for previously owned, or if you’re thinking about buying a new home, make sure you know it’s true condition before you make an offer. A detailed report by a qualified pest and building inspector can mean the difference between finding your dream home, and moving into a nightmare. Our inspections examine the property, then detail the findings in your Pre Purchase pest and building Inspection Report.

Where accessible we will inspect the following

The Sub Floor where available:

Piers and Foundation Walls.

Floor Frame, Joists and Bearers.

Decay and timber Pest Attack where evident.

Sub floor Moisture and Ventilation.

Inside the house:

Walls, floors, ceiling.

Windows, Doors.

Bathrooms and Laundry.


Roof Void frames, structural integrity

Roof Sheeting and Roof.


Sarking, Insulation.

Gutters, down pipes.


Fences and Retaining Walls.

Driveways, Paths, Garden Shed.

Pest Inspection.



Wood Rot.

Previous Treatment.

Likelihood of a Termite Attack.

The above is inspected in accord with Australian Standards 4349.1 and 4349.3

ABC Building Inspections Sydney ,welcomes the opportunity to provide you with a quote to conduct a Visual pest and building inspection.

See What our Clients Say

Bernadette Says:
March 18th, 2013 at 11:42 pm

 Thank You! I’m impressed! ABC Building Inspections Sydney offers an excellent and prompt service, the inspection was thorough and the report was sent to me on the same day. The reports were very thorough and comprehensive, and the price was reasonable. I would recommend ABC building inspections to any home buyers.

Deanne & Paul Says:
March 4th, 2013 at 1:35 pm   

Thanks for the prompt service, the Building Inspection report is very thorough and Roger did everything to help us get the best out of the sale.

Thanks to all involved, I would use the service again.

Call us today and inquire about our services.

Building Inspections Sydney.  1300 955 011

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