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All Prices quoted are Inclusive of GST

We will inspect all accessible areas of the home and yard for termites and building defects as per Australian Standards 4349.1-2007 and 4349.3-2010

Pre-Purchase Combined Pest And Building ( to 1 Million Sydney Metro)   $ 449.00

This is our most popular inspection report, It combines a comprehensive Building inspection and a Pest report, Ideal for all types of properties.  This Inspection Covers all areas of the dwelling including Roof Void and Subfloor where accessible.

Pre-Purchase Building Inspection. to 1 Million  $ 375.00

Pre-Purchase Building Inspection. Over 1 Million  $ 499.00

This is a building only Inspection, Ideal if you don’t require a pest Inspection. The report will detail any visual defects. This Inspection Covers all areas of the dwelling including Roof Void and Subfloor where accessible, and is conducted in accord with AS4341-2007

Pest Inspection.  $ 285.00

This is a Pest Inspection Only. Ideal If you don’t require a Building Inspection. I covers Timber Pests such as Termites, Borrers and Wood Rot. This Inspection Covers all areas of the dwelling including Roof Void and Subfloor where accessible,and is conducted in accord with AS43493-2010

Strata Report.   $ 330.00

This report is essential if you are purchasing a unit or any property under Strata Management. This report will audit the financial and managerial situation of the property. It covers items such as Strata Fees, Sinking Funds, Available funds,Sinking Fund Forecast , Committee, Insurances. etc.. There may be a reason why a unit is selling for low price.

Combined Strata &  Pre-Purchase Building Inspection . (Ideal for units) $599.00

This is a Building Or Pest and Strata Report, Ideal for Unit Purchases. We have found that the majority of our customers did not feel the need to have a pest inspection on a unit they are purchasing. This Report Includes a Full Building Report and a Strata Report for a fraction of the cost of ordering them separately. We do not recommend this report for town Houses. It is strongly recommended that a Timber Pest inspection as well as a Pre Purchase Building inspection be requested for any dwelling other than units.

Copy of Building Report –  $ 375.00

This report is a copy of a Building Report (inc. Pest where applicable) that we have conducted on a property.

Completion/Defect Report.  From $ 499.00

This report is essential if you have just had your new home built By a builder. (Not Owner Builder.) This report will highlight any construction defects to the new property. This report must be presented to the Builder within 3 months of handover.

Dilapidation Report. From. $ Call

Dilapidation Reports are specifically aimed at property owners and developers as part of a Development Application. (D.A) concerned about the effects of nearby construction on their homes or Commercial holdings.

Dilapidation Reports are usually done in pairs; a stock take of the various cracks or minor faults in a home is performed prior to adjacent or nearby construction. Then, either during or after the nearby construction has finished, we come back into the property and reassess any further damage to the home. Photos are taken during both visits and damage inflicted upon your home during the nearby construction can then be pinpointed. A Dilapidation Report is a wise investment in your home’s structural well being the piece of mind they provide is invaluable.

Thermal Imaging Report.  $ 475.00

Thermal imaging is the latest technological innovation in termite detection. The thermal imaging camera detects thermal anomalies such as hot and cold spots caused by termites, water leaks, poor insulation, electrical faults, rodents and snakes, in surfaces that are scanned. Understandably it is an invaluable termite detection tool.

Expert Witness (CTTT) Report.  From $ 499.00

This report is prepared in accordance with the Expert Witness Code of Conduct that is suitable for use in the CTTT and Courts. Extensive experience is a necessary requirement in the preparation of this report and the subsequent giving of evidence to the Courts. Often the CTTT or the Courts will require this report in making a determination.

The Following Info will help you prepare.

Expert Witness Hearing Attendance.  $ 185.00 PH


Note: Prices  above are based on a standard residential dwelling up to 4 Bedrooms (35sqares) In the Sydney Metro Area.

Please call for prices in the Wollongong,  and Central coast Areas.

Prices are subject to change and are correct as at February. 2016

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